Processing Happy Meat

  • Your beef is provided fresh chilled (not frozen) from the butcher.
  • You need to be prepared with freezer space for the beef on the day.
  • A full side (half animal) requires a reasonable sized chest or upright freezer.
  • A half side (quarter animal) could be shared in two large (empty) freezer compartments of conventional fridge/freezer units. 
  • Pick up times are between 5 and 7 pm in McLaren Vale. Come with an empty boot.
  • Your meat is prewrapped ready for freezing as per your ordering instructions – bear in mind if you order “bulk” it comes in “bulk”!
  • If you are sharing the meat, be sure your meat shares are organised to pick it up on the day.
  • Reward yourself with a magnificent Kyeema Springs fresh steak on the day of delivery! 

Cooking Happy Meat

  • All cuts of Kyeema Springs Beef are tender and flavourful. There is no need to tenderize or marinate for hours. Treat steaks gently – boys: stop fiddling! – put the tongs away – flip once only.
  • Roasts and stews come up a treat – melt in your mouth! Also excellent for curries as the meat holds its flavour.
  • Suggest minimal seasoning in hamburgers – the mince is naturally tender and flavourful. Your BBQ guests will think you made hamburger from steak! 
  • We use and recommend McLaren Vale shiraz as a perfect accompaniment with all our meat – in fact, this combination makes a nutritionally balanced, complete meal!